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Promoting the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, social, wellbeing of men, boys and families.

About us

Founded by Reverend R C Francis the BTM (Be That Man) Life Light Project has been giving counselling support, personal ministry, & mentoring services to men & boys for over 14 years. Many come through our doors from all walks of life, faced with challenges that they often found difficult handle. They were hurting, struggling with habits, suicidal, depressed, going through personal identity crises, having marital problems and so much more. They had turned to alcohol, drugs or crime. Some just gave up and fell into depression. They felt unloved, undervalued, misunderstood, unwanted. No matter how difficult their backgrounds, or how serious their problems were, BTM Life Light did not turn them away.

Today, Reverend Colin Francis alongside his wife Reverend Maureen Francis, through BTM Life Light is working with men, women, boys, married couples and families, both in the community and in the church. We work to encourage, strengthen and empower, by running such projects as a Men’s School of Ministry, marriage seminars and school of ministry, mentoring/bible studies for boys, counselling, men’s conferences and His & Hers conferences. All at affordable cost.
We have now broadened our ministry to include prayer ministry, where we work to relieve the oppressed, the depressed, those needing inner healing, emotional healing and deliverance.

At BTM Life Light Project we count it a privilege to be able to walk beside every individual who comes through our doors. Our view is that: –

  • Every life is valued by God
  • Every life has value and worth
  • Every story matters

As a ministry we provide a caring and supportive environment to share your story, so that you can be rescued from the challenges and issues you are facing and instead experience the joy, peace, and comfort of the Lord and live out your God given purpose.

Ministry to Men.

Today there is a real need to have a center for men. A place where men from all walks of life can come into an environment in which they are comfortable enough to deal with the deep-rooted issues of their lives and know that they will not be mocked, laughed at, teased or even sometimes scorned, but will receive genuine help and support from men who care and understand. We reach out to men and boys in a big way, through: –

  • Men’s School of Ministry. Mentor/Discipleship.
  • Men’s Conferences and Seminars.
  • Prayer Ministry. One on one ministry to men
  • Pre-Marital Ministry. Motivational Speaker
  • You can also contact us should you require a speaker for your Men’s Ministry Event

Whatever you are going through or whatever the need do not face or deal with it alone. Contact us E-mail

Women’s Ministry

Rev Maureen Francis has been called into ministry to hurting people.  She received training from Ellel Ministries, a ministry which provides inner healing, emotional healing, physical healing, deliverance and discipleship training, and now does personal ministry on a regular basis.

Rev Maureen often combines her prayer ministry with her husband, Colin. They have found that some couples have particular issues which would benefit from individual counselling/prayer ministry, man to man, woman to woman.  By working through their specific issues, couples are better placed to work out the problems they have with each other.

We reach out with such ministries:-

  • One on one ministry to the hurting, wounded, and the broken.
  • Deliverance.
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Mentor/Discipleship
  • Motivational Speaker.

You can also contact us should you require a speaker for your women’s event.


BTM Life light Project offers biblically informed, gospel driven counselling, personal ministry, and prayer ministry in a real and personal way.

“BTM (Be that Man) represents the work we do with men, boys & families. “Life Light” represents sharing the benefits of the life and light of the Gospel message to all.

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