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Be That Man


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Today we are faced with a society in steady decline. Men commit more crimes than women. Male offenders outnumber female offenders by four to one. Between eighty-five and ninety-five percent of offenders found guilty of burglary, robbery, drug related offences, criminal damage, gun crime, violence against the person are male. I share this not to cause you to see males in a negative light but to highlight that men are going through some real issues, not only with themselves but with their sons also. You may be part of the statistics you may know someone who is part of the statistics wherever you are at your life can be transformed. It is time for us men to make a difference in our sphere of influence. Our world needs to get back to its roots where God can manifest his glory and man can replenish the earth with the goodness of God. Every man needs to cry out before God, and seek him like never before. Don’t let Christianity be driven out of our schools, our colleges, our homes, or our communities. Don’t let governments or anyone else turn the hearts of men away from God. If we take God out of the equation the world will decline and spiral more and more out of control. We need to get back on track. Let every man begin to pray to God the Father for the Holy Spirit to sweep this land. I dare you to be that man. When a man changes on the inside, the world will change also. Every man can function in his role with wisdom, knowledge and understanding when he recognizes who he is in Christ Jesus. This book sets out to put men on the right track to authentic manhood. Applying the truths throughout this book will enable you to make the right kind of impact in the nation, the home, the community, and the church. This book is by no means exhaustive, but it will point you in the right direction towards godly manhood. BE THAT MAN today.

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